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As with many farms in HK, we only have a land registry number:
Farm DD LOT 110 225, Kam Tin

Please search “Farmhouse Productions” on Google Maps to see where we are.


How To Get There


Please ask the driver to follow the route on Google Maps exactly.


MTR + Taxi (recommended)

  1. Kam Sheung Road station Exit C, hop on a green taxi

  2. Ask the driver to go to Tai Kong Po (大江埔) 

  3. Turn right at the end of the bridge onto Kong Po Road, look out for our white banner on this corner

  4. Drive along the river and use Google Maps to guide the driver 

Around 10min/$35 fare


MTR + Bus + Walking

  1. Kam Sheung Road station Exit C

  2. Take bus 54 / 251B  (to Sheung Tsuen) / 77K (to Sheung Tsuen)

  3. Get off at “Bak Heung Shek Kong Bridge” stop

  4. Enter the village road on your left and walk straight on 
    (follow Google Maps)

Around 25 min / $8 bus fare

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