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The dedication of our team is what powers Farmhouse Productions. Each of our team member brings invaluable skills and knowledge to make our regenerative farm, well, regenerate! We strive to be mindful, curious, creative, and resourceful in all our actions. This shared passion in farming and sustainability is what brought us together to bring you an experience, whether via your dinner plate or visiting our farm; a memorable one. We hope we can inspire you to join our movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle, one vegetable at a time!


Hi, my name is Chunling and I had worked 13 years in advertising. If writing hundreds of client brand manifestos had taught me one thing, that is to follow your dream. And my dream is to be a farmer. 

I’m no climate activist, nor do I have a saviour complex. I just like my food. Good Food. Our lives have become more convenient and yet it's harder and more expensive to find the simple, yummy tastes from my childhood. I learned that good food can only come from good agriculture; yet our kitchens are filled with mass produced food, oozing chemical fertilisers and growth hormones. Our bodies don’t deserve food that at best offers low nutrition values; and at worst, cause diseases. 

My mission is simple: produce good food with good agriculture. 

And I want you to be a part of it.

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